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Welcome To the abyss!

The home of Lady Belladonna, Perdition's Mistress of Iniquity, Top Soul Broker of the Abyss, keeper of Pandora's Box and connoisseur of peccadilloes, misdeeds and all too human transgressions.


But, let's be honest, Lady Belladonna needs no introduction. A magnanimous hostess, who entertains visitors to her penthouse cathedral overlooking the Abyss, despite frequent interruptions from denizens of the Pit, she is nonetheless a force to be reckoned with.


Join the Dark Lady as she dips into her prized possession - Pandora’s Box - to pull forth an irreverent showcase for short tales of immorality and damnation. Rated R for Ribald humor and high camp.

Two hellish anthologies

for the price of a soul!


Listen to an interview with writer/director David Salcido, by Simon Watson on Canada's Extra Features Podcast!