@2016 Borderlands Media

An anthology of diabolical proportions

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Produced by PRC Productions, Borderlands Media and Back In Black Creative Services, Lady Belladonna’s Night Shades is an anthology feature film that takes elements of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark, then shakes liberally to create an irreverent showcase for short films packaged together under a common theme: The Sins of Man. Hosted by seductive hellion Lady Belladonna from her torture dungeon somewhere in the twisting depths of Hades, through segments created to bridge the gap between individual shorts, Lady Belladonna’s Night Shades was conceived and created by David Salcido and Troy Scoughton, Sr. Written and directed by David Salcido, the film features Tawnya Bass as Lady Belladonna, Donny Prosise as her personal secretary Addy and Jack Lutz as Cupid.

Dramatis Personae

Lady Belladonna

Perdition’s Mistress of Iniquity, Top Soul Broker of the Abyss, keeper of Pandora’s Box and connoisseur of peccadilloes, misdeeds and all-too-human transgressions. Lady Belladonna is portrayed by actress and performer Tawnya Bass.


The dark lady’s personal secretary and a former world leader, Addy’s was the soul that put Lady Belladonna on top of the soul brokerage heap. Now her prized possession – after Pandora’s Box, of course – Addy is portrayed by actor Donny Prosise.


The personification of human desire and the dark lady’s secret weapon in her quest to stay top dog in the soul brokerage business, Cupid would do anything to stay in the Lady’s good graces. Cupid is portrayed by actor and radio personality Jack Lutz.

The Shorts

As with any anthology, the concept of Lady Belladonna's Night Shades is nothing without the short films that make up the bulk of the storytelling time. Created by both up-and-coming filmmakers and veterans of the industry, each was produced and created separately, then later assembled by the partners of Borderlands Media to become part of this production.

Last Night On Mars

A series of gruesome murders have rocked a small town for weeks. The police have no leads and people in the community are living in fear. Jason, a loner living on his own, finds himself haunted by unexpected visitations and voices that all but convince him he’s losing his mind. The only way he can rid himself of the visions is to get back to work. His target: a girl’s slumber party on Mars Avenue, somewhere on the outskirts of town. Written and directed by Troy Scoughton Jr., Last Night On Mars was produced by PRC Productions in 2011. Visit the IMDB page for more information.


Leslie Borden is the perfect housewife, living in a perfect suburban world, where everything is orderly, birds sing constantly and wearing pearls to do housework is perfectly acceptable. When an unexpected visitor suddenly turns Leslie’s perfect world upside down, she finds herself going into survival mode, playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with a masked killer who may or may not be the dreaded Smalltown Butcher. Can perfection win the day, or is chaos Leslie Borden’s new norm? Written and directed by David Salcido, Perfect was produced by PRC Productions in 2016. Visit the IMDB page for more information.

The Wake Up Call

A man checks into a hotel room and begins to hear a series of strange noises emanating from the adjoining room next door. His sleep is disrupted several times over, feeding his curiosity about the noises coming from behind the door linking the two rooms. When the guest next door suddenly departs, the man's dark curiosity bests him, and he decides to investigate. Written and directed by Sheridan O'Donnell, The Wake Up Call was produced in 2016. Visit the IMDB page for more information.

Wolff's Law

September 11th, 2002. One year after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. America is still in a fragile state of shock and paranoia. Somewhere in the heart of it is Hyde, a sixteen-year-old boy who’s being bullied at his high school in Anywhere, America. But what happens to a person when he feels like he has nowhere to turn? And what is he capable of when he is finally pushed beyond the point of no return? Written and directed by Sheridan O'Donnell, Wolff's Law was produced in 2015. Visit the IMDB page for more information.

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